The Board of Trustees of the Borden County Independent School District of Gail, Texas, met in special session at 6:00 A.M. in the Board Room of the Borden County I.S.D. on Monday, February 11th. Board members present were Dennis Poole, Todd Holbrooks, Nate Avey, Chad Beaver, and Randy Hensley. Bart McMeans, Principal, and Billy Collins, Superintendent, were also present.
1. The meeting was called to order by Dennis Poole at 6:06 A.M.
2. There was no community input.
3. A motion was made by Todd Holbrooks and seconded by Nate Avey to accept the resignation of Mike Valentine from the Board County ISD Board of Trustees. The motion carried unanimously.
4. No action was taken after discussion of Consideration of Board of Trustees options under Texas Education Code 11.060, and BCISD policy BBC(LEGAL) to fill, until the next trustee election, to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Mike Valentine.
5. After discussion in Closed Session from 6:29 A.M. until 6:41 A.M regarding possible qualified individuals to fill the vacancy on the Borden County ISD Board of Trustees, no action was taken.
6. A motion was made by Chad Beaver and seconded by Todd Holbrooks to fill the vacancy on the Borden County ISD Board of Trustees by appointment. The motion carried 4 – 1, with Nate Avey, Chad Beaver, Todd Holbrooks and Dennis Poole voting “for” and Randy Hensley voting “against”.
7. After review and discussion of community input, no action was taken.
8. A motion was made by Randy Hensley and seconded by Chad Beaver to adjourn the meeting. The motion carried unanimously.