Hard Work Provides Opportunities

At the start of the 2015 – 2016 school year, a former Baltimore Maryland student stood before teachers and gave a passionate and inspiring speech, urging instructors to help their students move beyond a selfish mentality, to help students understand the importance of being unselfishness, to guide students in embracing kindness and to help students embody the spirit of a diligent work ethic…..free of an entitlement attitude. Here’s part of what he shared:

“Everything that I am is because a couple of teachers saw through me and all my faults and saw the potential deep down inside. These teachers made me into the person I am today—a person who understands teamwork, understands the importance of kindness and truly understands that success is a result of hard work. I’m living proof of it. I encourage you to pass the torch to the kids in your classroom so that they change their communities and the people that surround them wherever they end up and change the world.”

This young person clearly addresses everything our school district and staff believes each and every year. We see the potential in each and every student. We have a high level of expectation and goals for every student. We believe in each of them and are determined to see them succeed. We understand this requires hard work by everyone…..the staff, students and parents. Success is never easy.

We strongly believe that one child’s future may depend upon the influence that only we provide….and because of this, something remarkable happens. No young person is ever ordinary in our classrooms. We teach each child as if the future of the world depends on their instruction….because it does.

We’re excited about the start of this instructional year. We believe the 2016 – 2017 school year holds incredible opportunities for our school district, students and staff.

It can be a hard transition from the recent summer break back to the structure of being a student.
Parents and guardians, please help return your child to a regular routine.

We have hard work ahead and an opportunity for success at every turn.

We’re ready to see your kids in the classroom.

It’s always a great day to be Coyote!