BCISD This Week

Our Menu This Week

Monday Nov 12
*Blueberry Pancake Wrap
**Meat & Cheese Chalupas w/Salsa, Spanish Rice (9th-12th only) Refried Beans, Zesty Cucumbers, Lettuce & Tomato Garnish and Applesauce Cup

Tuesday Nov 13
*Breakfast Pizza
**Chicken Tenders, TX Toast, Broccoli, Sweet Potato Fries, Mixed Fruit and Rice Crispy Treat

Wednesday Nov 14
*Cinnamon Pull-a-Part & Cheese Stick
**Pizza, Garden Salad, Carrots and Pineapple Tidbits

Thursday Nov 15
*Muffin & Yogurt
**Turkey, Dressing, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Roll, Cranberry Sauce and Fruit Salad

Friday Nov 16
*PBJ or Breakfast Crackers & Cheese
**Chicken Fajita Salad w/Salsa, Tortilla Chips and Mandarin Orange

*SERVED DAILY WITH BREAKFAST: Fruit, Fruit Juice and Milk Variety
**SERVED DAILY WITH LUNCH: Variety Milk, Fruit and additional Fruit and/or Fruit Juice for 9th -12th Grade